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The Benefits

Tradition dating  from 1725

Sophienwald Glasworks, over centuries famous for their unique, hand blown glasses was founded in the year 1725 in Neunagelberg at the Austrian–Bohemian border.


Based on this remarkable tradition Sophienwald® was brought to live.

Our glasses feature the style of Italian Renaissance glassblowing and convince with lightness & elegance.

The brand Sophienwald® stands for tradition combined with contemporary design and luxury.

Light and elegant

At Sophienwald, we have developed and created a collection of mouth blown glasses that impart a world class wine tasting experience.

Only a small  number of glasses to cover a wide range of wines types

The glass designers of Sophienwald® have succeeded with this idea.


With only three types of wine glasses, complemented by a champagne flute, the design concept meets the highest requirements as well of sommeliers as of modern households.


The most popular glass in our PHOENIX range is the red wine, Burundy glass.

Delicate art

Sophienwald® wine glasses are of delicate art. The contemporary design provides a stylish atmosphere.

The artistic glasswork of Sophienwald® unites the attributes of delicate and yet solid, classic and yet modern, premium class and yet affordable.

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