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Fine Wine deserves fine glassware



The Phoenix© collection is a limited range of artisan mouth blown glassware.


Sophienwald's approach to design is to have an extremely light, thin glass with an elegant and technical shape.

sophienwald universal champagne bordeaux
Sophienwald Pinot Noir Glass

Unique tradition

A range of handmade glassware developed to provide an outstanding flavour and a world-class experience.


The Phoenix series is a ultra thin, lightweight and elegant glassware allowing flavour and feeling to overwhelm.


The secret is an exceptional and modern glass blowing technique in absolute world standard. It is a demanding handcraft only a few of the world’s most skilled glass blowers have mastered.


The foremost wine connoisseurs of Europe now commend our Phoenix series which were released during the autumn of 2014.


The material in our glasses is lead-free and dishwasher-proof for the modern standards of today.

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"Your customer experience is superb and I have taken the trouble to post about my new glass and your service on Tom Cannavan's Wine-Pages forum"

Raymond / Champagne Glass

"Thanks a lot. That's perfect. I really appreciate the awesome customer service!"

Patrick / Burgundy Glass

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